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The Leader in San Antonio Healthcare MEP

At Cleary Zimmermann Engineers, we're proud to offer the highest quality MEP services for healthcare and medical facilities in the San Antonio area. Our dedication to excellence and experience with a wide variety of healthcare projects has given our team the ability to handle the most complex and intricate healthcare MEP projects. From dentist offices and small, private practices to full MEP design from the ground up, Cleary Zimmermann can help you design the perfect medical facility to fit your needs.

A Client-Focused Approach to MEP

At Cleary Zimmermann Engineers, our team appreciates any opportunity to work directly with your facility leadership, management and end-users to most fully understand the specific requirements for your program, including the intricate procedures that medical professionals perform daily. We appreciate your need for space planning that allows for swift movements and easy access to things like medical gases and equipment as well as maximizes revenue-generating bed space. Additionally, as we have worked with many of our region's top healthcare systems, we are prepared to provide insight at any level of complexity appropriate for your project, from medical office building to operating room, or lab to central plant.

Why Choose Cleary Zimmermann?

There are myriad reasons to choose Cleary Zimmermann Engineers for your healthcare facility MEP needs. The following are just a few of the distinctions that set our firm apart from other San Antonio engineering firms:

  • Medical Planning Experience

  • Cleary Zimmermann knows that MEP systems are critical to the function of healthcare facilities and must be well designed and easy to maintain in order to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of patients and staff. Key considerations for medical planning from an MEP perspective including

    • Understanding all the nuances of different spaces in healthcare environments, including emergency rooms, operating rooms, labs, MRI suites, speciality clinics and patient rooms
    • Pressure relationships between spaces
    • Maintaining air flow in the building to meet mandated air change codes as dictated by the Texas Department of State Healthcare Services (TDSHS)
    • Mission critical electrical systems, including emergency power for equipment and lighting
    • Medical gas supply and distribution

  • Mental and Behavioral Health Expertise

  • We are well-equipped to handle the unique design considerations of psychiatric hospitals including safety, security, and privacy, because of our previous experience with similar facilities for both private clients (such as Southwest General Hospital Outpatient Psychiatric Center) and public entities (like the Ft. Hood ANAM Facility).

  • Diverse Portfolio of Healthcare Projects

  • Our range of experience with various healthcare projects types and sizes means no project is too large or small for our team. We've completed numerous "Ground-Up" hospitals and medical office facilities (such as The UHS Robert B. Green Ambulatory Center) and renovations (such as The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio).

  • Skilled Project Phasing

  • Our team is capable of implementing careful phasing when laying out and bringing new mechanical and electrical equipment on line so that facility operations are not interrupted, saving valuable time and ensuring continuity of patient care and comfort.

  • Specialized Experience & Technical Competence with Pollution Prevention, Bio-Containment, and Waste Reduction

  • When designing labs, drug storage facilities or other specialty contaminate facilities, our team is experienced at following all required building codes per project type. For hazardous exhaust system types, our team is highly practiced in following building code requirements. In addition, we have the ability to use Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis to examine wind patterns to ensure that any hazardous contaminants keep appropriate safe distances from air intakes as required by building codes.

    As healthcare and research laboratory facilities for both government and private sector clients make up about 35% of our current projects, Cleary Zimmermann solves bio-containment issues almost daily. Our team uses the latest software in Finite Element Analysis and other quantitative technology to ensure bio-containment.

    Finally, our team has the ability to employ waste treatment as necessary by incorporating sustainable practices in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems such as: rainwater collection for non-potable water and irrigation; condensate collection and reuse for flushing and cooling tower, thereby reducing burden on sewer systems; energy recovery systems that reuse waste heat for domestic hot water and building mechanical systems.

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