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Specialized MEP Expertise for Houston's Hospital Sector

Cleary Zimmermann Engineers is a leading provider of MEP solutions for Houston’s prestigious hospitals. As your dedicated Houston Hospital MEP partner, we offer specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services tailored specifically for the unique needs of hospital facilities across the city.

Comprehensive MEP Solutions for Houston's Hospital Facilities

From large-scale medical centers to specialized hospital wings, our MEP solutions cover every critical aspect vital for hospital environments. Cleary Zimmermann Engineers is your trusted partner for designing MEP systems that not only meet regulatory requirements but also elevate the overall functionality and safety of hospital facilities in Houston.

Why Choose Cleary Zimmermann Engineers for Your MEP Needs?

  • Hospital Expertise: Our team comprises experts with specialized knowledge and experience in hospital MEP design. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of hospital facilities, ensuring that your MEP systems are optimized for patient care, safety, and efficiency.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Cleary Zimmermann Engineers is well-versed in the stringent regulations and standards governing hospitals. We ensure that your MEP systems not only meet but exceed compliance standards, fostering environments conducive to superior patient care.

  • Innovative Integration: We stay at the forefront of MEP technology, integrating cutting-edge solutions to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of MEP systems in hospital environments.

Contact Cleary Zimmermann Engineers – Your Houston Hospital MEP Partner

Ready to optimize the MEP systems in your Houston hospital facility? Contact Cleary Zimmermann Engineers, your specialized Houston Hospital MEP partner. Let’s collaborate to create hospital environments that prioritize patient care, safety, and operational excellence.

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MEP Principals

Thomas Watson, PE

Principal | Building MEP

Randy Rogers, PE

Principal | Building MEP

Aaron Heaps, PE

Principal | Building MEP

Lee Eldridge, PE

Principal | Building MEP


For general inquiries, please reach out to Joyce Watson, CPSM Principal of Marketing, at 210-447-6100, or use the following form.

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