April 15, 2021

How to Choose the Perfect SCADA System

As the industrial world shifts more and more toward automated systems, the need for reliable, customized SCADA system has never been greater. SCADA programming can help make your team more productive by granting them access to real-time production information that’s presented in a user-friendly format. If you carefully choose the perfect SCADA system, your business can take advantage of multiple benefits across a variety of industries.

However, the wrong SCADA system can quickly become a costly mistake, making it necessary for you to constantly invest in upgrades to increase compatibility or purchase additional hardware that should have been included during the initial installment. Doing your homework can help you avoid this costly mistake. Luckily, the SCADA system experts at Cleary Zimmermann are here to help provide some guidance.

How to Choose The Perfect SCADA System for You

Below are a few of the most critical criteria you should look for when choosing a SCADA system:

  • Versatile, but not generic: SCADA software has applications for many industries. You want your system to be versatile so that it can be adapted over time. However, if your system is too generic, it will have limitations. Can it accommodate your unique needs of optimizing your specific needs? Does the company serve other clients in your industry? You don’t just need someone to install the system, you need someone who thoroughly understands your industry’s unique needs
  • Easy data consolidation: Having your production data all in one place is critical to your everyday operations and mission. A SCADA solution should be able to capture third-party pipeline data, manually entered data, an automated import of a data file, and web service with a third-party system.
  • Easy data sharing: What good is data if it can’t be easily shared? A quality SCADA system will allow for sharing across all business systems, such as production accounting systems, economic analysis systems, enterprise databases, and more.
  • Safety: There have been far too many SCADA systems compromised by intrusions, either from the Internet or internal sources. This illustrates the need for security, from the SCADA architecture to the programming language with which it’s written. The vendor’s commitment to security and investment in cutting-edge security technologies can make all the difference.

Automated industrial production is no longer a concept of the future. Optimization adds value every day. Improved automation can improve the safety of people, the environment, equipment, and data. Automation also makes the often tall order of adherence to government and environmental regulatory agencies less cumbersome. Perhaps most importantly, automation allows companies to meet production demands more efficiently while remaining competitive in an ever-changing global economy.

Choosing the right SCADA system can mean significant savings of time, money, and headaches. You stand to gain safety, efficiency, and increased productivity.The optimal solution makes it possible to spend more time doing what you do best and less time in anxiety mode. As they say, peace of mind is priceless. Make the right choice the first time around and you”ll reap the rewards. When it’s time to choose the perfect SCADA system for your business, contact the Cleary Zimmermann team for assistance with programming, support, customization, or even ground-up design.