University Hospital / Audie Murphy VA Hospital 10,000 Ton Central Plant

Over the course of the past 20 years, Wade Cleary has been intimately involved with the 10,000-ton central plant, which serves approximately 2-million-square feet of hospital space for University Hospital and the Audie Murphy VA Hospital. He served as the project manager during the original design and construction back in the mid 1990’s and he has overseen the continuous maintenance of the facility and the growth/changes of the loads it serves. 

As the load continued to grow for the UHS and VA Hospitals, it became necessary to maintain a firm capacity of 10,000 tons even in the event that one of the chiller pairs is out of service.  In order to accomplish this, two additional 1,250 ton chillers and their associated pumps were added to the plant. 


University Health


San Antonio, TX


10,000 tons