UHS & Audie Murphy VA Hospital 10,000 Ton Central Plant

UHS & Audie Murphy VA Hospital
San Antonio, TX

Over the course of the past 15 years, Wade Cleary has been intimately involved with the 10,000-ton central plant, which serves approximately 2-million-square feet of hospital space for University Hospital and the Audie Murphy VA Hospital. He served as the project manager during the original design and construction back in the mid 1990’s and he has overseen the continuous maintenance of the facility and the growth/changes of the loads it serves. In 2003, he prepared an analysis of the piping and pumping infrastructure within University Hospital and determined that significant energy savings could be realized by eliminating “bottlenecks” within the system. After the plans were implemented, the facility was able to turn off over 250 hp in chilled water pumping capacity.

In 2005, he developed an extensive master plan of the chilled water needs of both campuses for the next 10 years. In preparing this master plan, it was determined that the plant needed an additional 2,500 tons of back-up capacity. Based upon this realization, the Cleary Zimmermann team prepared a 3-D design which included the installation of two (2) new 1,250-ton centrifugal chillers, new primary and secondary pumps along with upgrades to the field erected masonry-cooling tower. Selection of equipment, including chiller types and efficiencies and system configurations was based on life cycle cost analysis, which determined the most appropriate applications. By making these improvements, not only is the plant be able better stage chillers to meet the current load profiles, but it is afforded redundancy that will allow the plant to provide the full 10,000 tons of capacity even when a machine is down for maintenance. Careful coordination, through the use of the 3-D design documents has allowed for this expansion to occur with very limited outages; it has also proven to be a valuable tool for truly understanding the scope of work.

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