Seguin Water Treatment Plant

City of Seguin
Seguin, TX


The Seguin Water Treatment Plant provides water to two of Seguin’s major industries Caterpillar and Tyson Foods. Situated along the Guadalupe River, the Seguin Water Treatment Plant draws in river water and passes it through a series of purification processes to ensure it is potable. Raw water passes through the clarifier where it is mixed with coagulents to draw out the largest pieces of sediment before it is passed through the filters. Once it is filtered it reaches the clear well, is disinfected and treated with flouride, and then is stored for distribution.

Cleary Zimmermann Engineers’ Water/ Wastewater Division added new points to the existing SCADA system over the course of several unique projects. First, our team added new points to connect the new clarifier to the existing SCADA system. Next, we added 12 points to the existing SCADA system to accommodate new equipment including a decant pump, sludge pump, backwash pump, and concentrator. Together these additional points ensure that the hub is receiving complete and accurate inputs and outputs to the SCADA equipment.

Our team also replaced Motor Control Center B and had to provide a new source of power from Motor Control Center A to Motor Control Center B. This new MCC gave power to additional equipment including the decant pump, concentrator, and new panels

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