Fort Sill Lighting Improvements in Allen Dental Prosthetics Lab and Ceramics Room

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fort Sill, OK

During a previous renovation of the 15,000 SF Allen Dental Clinic for Anti-Terrorism force protection measures a wall of windows in a 400 SF room was removed and replaced with a solid wall. This room however was used for dental prosthetics design and the end user the prosthetics designer required natural light to accurately compare the colors of artificial and natural teeth. There was no way to reintroduce windows into the room as blast proof windows would have been cost prohibitive, so Cleary Zimmermann's team devised an innovative solution to provide natural light using 12 solar light tubes. The single-story flat roofed building had a pitched roof above it, so we had to penetrate both roofs with the solar tubes to install the solar collector. These ducted skylights with descending tubes used mirrors to reflect real light into the interior of the building. We then designed lighting controls so the doctors could adjust the natural light as necessary. Our team also upsized the VAV box to increase the amount of air provided to the space to account for the increased heat generated by the sunlight.

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