Del Mar College East and West Campus Central Plant Upgrades

Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, TX

Del Mar College’s Central Plant Upgrades at both the West and East Campuses were highly technical in nature, and our team maintained flexibility throughout the issues that arose. In Phase 1, we replaced three (3) 1,000 ton cooling towers on the East Campus.

Del Mar relied on our expertise to guide them on significant budget and prioritization decisions, up to and including a hydronic model of the entire campus to help determine life cycle costs. Ultimately, our deep analysis of the overall system led us to propose a hybrid boiler system that combined both some existing non-condensing boilers with new condensing boilers that allowed us to size larger, match system needs better than originally thought, and add new boiler pumps with the money saved. Our team worked comfortably, even at the powerful scale of these systems, replacing VFDs in the 250 HP chilled water plant, and upgrading to 1,000-ton and 600-ton magnetic bearing chillers as part of Phase 2 on the East and West Campuses.

Parts of the project really required significant on-site presence, which our team handled easily even from out of town. Aging cooling towers were located on concrete basins that had to be specially coated and sealed with a two-part epoxy. Our staff remained on-site for the duration of that work making sure--in person--that nothing was left to chance. Additionally, we carefully worked through the Miami-Dade County design and construction standards Del Mar uses for its coastal climate. We helped with the engineering of unique fasteners for the outdoor mechanical equipment, as well as selecting stainless steel cooling towers in place of galvanized steel for corrosion.

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