Bank of San Antonio

Bank of San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

The Bank of San Antonio is a bank created by local business owners with several branches in strategic locations around San Antonio. Our team provided not only MEP design services, but also IT design for this new construction. The three story shell building includes a drive thru teller with a pneumatic tube. Our team also finished out 30,000 SF of space for the bank across all three floors and additional space for future tenants.

Our MEP team acted as the key liaison between the two architects of this project, Chesney Morales Architects who designed the shell and LK Design who designed the infill. Our team sent out MEP drawings at the same time to both architects. The building has variable refrigerant flow and a 100% outside air unit with an energy recovery wheel. This energy efficient system reduces the amount of heating and cooling needed. Our team also included an emergency power generator on the exterior of the building. We also installed low flow fixtures and occupancy sensors to reduce water and energy consumption and therefore cost over time.

Dave Post, Cleary Zimmermann’s Director of IT/Security, worked closely with the electrical team to provide IT design. He designed the data drops and cabling for which the electrical team brought power. He coordinated pathways and designated space for telecom rooms which are centrally located and stacked on all three levels. He also designated wall penetrations and specifications to ensure the long term compatibility of building with multiple technology systems.


Image Source: Chesney Morales Partners, Inc

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