Bank of America Building, Chiller Analysis and Upgrades

Bank of America
San Antonio, TX

Transwestern’s 28-story Bank of America Building is the largest Class A office building in downtown San Antonio. Originally, the building had two (2) continually operating chillers that struggled to cool the upper floors. To address this issue, our Building Analytics and Commissioning divisions completed assessments and analyses of the HVAC system. Using the information from the assessments and PIPE-FLO, a hydraulics analysis software program, our MEP team evaluated, designed and implemented the necessary solutions to optimize the chilled water systems. Our team predicted potential system improvements, solved operational issues, and evaluated potential energy performance improvements. Ultimately, we were able to reduce the required cooling capacity to one chiller, which saves Transwestern thousands of dollars per month in energy costs, and moreover, the building now out-performs our predicted results.

1344 S. Flores, Suite 101 San Antonio, Texas 78204   (210) 447-6100

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