Audie Murphy VA Hospital Employee Parking Garage

Audie Murphy VA Hospital
San Antonio, TX

Audie Murphy VA Hospital is part of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) that provides high quality medical care for veterans from all branches of the military. Cleary Zimmermann has completed a variety of projects for the hospital including a Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) lab and MRI Suite. Due to the large number of staff employed by the hospital, there is a separate employee parking garage. Cleary Zimmermann provided MEP and IT/Security design services for the 4 story, 562 space addition to this parking garage.

For this immediately adjacent addition to the parking garage, we designed all necessary MEP systems. We designed a drainage system including a sump pump to remove any accumulated water. We provided power for the elevator and the IT room that houses the security equipment. We also added motion sensor lights to conserve energy. We included hose bibs to allow for garage cleaning and heat trace on all water piping. While we did not condition the air throughout most of the garage, we did install split systems to condition the air in the electric, IT, and elevator machine rooms. We also had to relocate the utilities from the existing parking lot on which the addition was built.

Accompanying the MEP design performed on the Employee Parking Garage by Cleary Zimmermann Engineers, Cleary Zimmermann’s Director of IT/Security David Post designed the surveillance systems for the garage. Our team designed a surveillance system that uses 32 360 degree cameras.


Image Source: U.S Department of Veterans Affairs

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