Audie Murphy VA Hospital BSL-3 Laboratory

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
San Antonio, TX

Cleary Zimmermann provided the MEP services for this BSL-3 laboratory at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital used for Tuberculosis and Mycology Diagnosis. This is a critical laboratory environment where pressurization is required to be negative and access to the lab is restricted while work is in progress. The air distribution to the lab is balanced to provide directional airflow within the room.

With a history of working within the Audie L. Murphy V.A. Hospital that spans more than (10) ten years, the design team at Cleary Zimmermann Engineers has an intimate knowledge of the campus and its infrastructure. In addition, we understand the complexities involved with the phasing required to keep an active hospital running with minimal disruption.


Image Source: U.S. Department of Verterans Affairs

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