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Alamo Architects
San Antonio,TX

For Alamo Architects and LPA Architects, we performed a post-occupancy evaluation of their office spaces to analyze energy consumption for their LEED- certified building. Our team inventoried and analyzed all the electrical and mechanical equipment in the building. An energy model that was calibrated to match utility bills was created to understand the various consumers of energy. The team also data logged and trended data on select cubicles and mechanical equipment. Since the building did not have sub-meters for lighting and HVAC equipment, data loggers were installed on the equipment and lighting.

One of the challenges during this audit was to try to qualify a constant level of power usage found at night, and come up with solutions for reducing it. Once the audit was complete, we educated the end-user on ways improve on energy conservation, and together, with Alamo Architects and LPA Architects, presented our findings at the 2013 Texas Society of Architects convention.


  • Energy Audit
  • Commissioning
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a LEED Certified Building
  • Utility Rebates


Image Source: Chris Cooper and LPA Inc. 

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