Our Team

Our "People First" theme extends beyond client service into our internal team environment in areas such as:

  • Excellence in our Hiring Process
  • Encouraged Continuing Education
  • Vibrant Firm Culture

In multiple rounds of interviews, Cleary Zimmermann works to hire not only knowledgeable, but personable team members who keep laser-focused on client service throughout the duration of your projects. Whether it's on-site presence, detailed design-phase services, or simply responding to emails and phone calls when you need us, we foster a culture of team members who are here to serve you.

Part of caring for our team includes continuing education programs to encourage constant growth and improvement in our staff. We regularly bring in presenters who elevate our team's understanding of the engineering practices they use daily, as well as support team members pursuing additional professional certifications with training, materials and scheduled time off for studying.

If you were to walk in to our offices on a given day, you'll find us coordinating projects at each other's cubicles, chatting up strategies and working through design challenges together. Our service divisions habitually cross-collaborate and build upon each other's experiences, making for a sociable, communal working environment. When we’re not working, we enjoy the occasional pumpkin carving contest, white elephant gift exchange, pot-luck lunch, surprise ice cream socials, laser tag and sporting events. And BBQ…lots of BBQ…on our massive CZ-branded pit! Don’t worry, we do share with clients.

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