To us at Cleary Zimmermann, people – our clients, our team and our end users – are what make a project succeed.  First and foremost, we believe in connecting with you, our client and treating you as we like to be treated.  This means responding promptly, looking out for your best interests and coordinating proactively to help you succeed.  Second, our business model is based on relationships, not a ‘one and done’ attitude!

To make our model work, we go to great lengths to hire only the best people (would you believe five interviews, minimum?), and then we work to treat them as such day-in and day-out.  And lastly, whether for a classroom or an operating room, it’s people who will use the building systems we engineer.  Their perspective is always top of mind when we’re putting pencil to paper and mouse to screen.

We look forward to showing you how this “People First” attitude drives our engineering processes, our firm culture and our passion for service.  To learn a little more about ‘the People’ in our circle, click on the topic to the right.

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