Data centers provide a home for electronic space and memory, housing servers and other equipment that allow you to deposit and retrieve information. At Cleary Zimmermann, we design heating, cooling, and fire protection systems that ensure the safe and long lasting operation of Tier I-IV data centers. No matter what tier data center you are seeking, you can rest assured that we will that we will work diligently to minimize points of failure by including full levels of redundancies and paralleling systems to ensure uninterrupted access to your data. We use dedicated CRAC (computer room air conditioner) and CRAH (computer room air handler) units to offset the heat created by the data's center's equipment. We take the time to develop a holistic understanding of your data center, looking not only at redundant systems for power and cooling, but delving into how the equipment operates, how it switches between systems, and how we can minimize cycles and points of failure. We have designed data centers for organizations in the financial, higher education, K-12 and municipal sectors and are knowledgeable and experienced in different design strategies including raised floor, hot aisle/cold aisle, self contained, in rack cooling, and chimney style cabinet configurations. At Cleary Zimmermann, our IT/Security Division can also handle your structured cabling needs, eliminating one step of outside coordination, and simplifying things for you, the owner.

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