Commissioning ensures that buildings fuction as designed, saving owners time and money not only during inital construction, but over the lifespan of the building. Cleary Zimmermann's commissioning agents act as owner advocate who works with the design team and contractor to ensure that each step of what can be a highly-segregated process comes together for final building systems that are designed, installed and operated as you originally intended. Our team will ensure that you as an owner are truly getting the quality systems you expect, that they are working to warranty standards before final hand-off, your maintenance staff is trained to handle them, and that you gain maximum return on your investment for the long term.


Commissioning agents are the ultimate owner advocates, and the commissioning process ensures that systems are designed, installed, and operated as intended. So let me ask you this: can you afford not to have Commissioning performed on your building?
Brian Keller, NEBB® CP
Director of Commissioning

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