Water / Wastewater

Water and Wastewater Systems are one of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors that the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) classifies as vital to the security and public health of the United States. These sectors that allow us to treat our water, mass produce food/medicine, or ship large amounts of goods across our country often require complex systems for power, control, and communication each day. Our Water/Wastewater division designs these complex systems day in and day out to better serve our communities. 
Through our professional engineers and SCADA Programming capabilities, Cleary Zimmermann develops robust systems to last for multiple decades to come following the strictest safety requirements and take the desired process requirements to advise on best practices. Each system designed by our experts takes the owner's goals, cost-efficiency, and safety into account for each design. 

Services include:

  • Electrical design
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System Design
  • SCADA (PLC, HMI, & Network Equipment) Programming and Configuration
  • Cellular & Serial Communication Design
  • Fiber Optic & Ethernet Communication Design
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Storm Water Pump Stations
    Sanitary Lift Stations
  • Maintenance platforms at railroad stations
  • Low and Medium Voltage Power Systems    
  • Short Circuit Current Analysis and Coordination Studies
  • High Pressure Natural Gas Designs
  • Emergency Generation

Cleary Zimmermann is also a TxDOT Precertified Firm for Pump Stations-Electrical.

Our programming capabilities take the powerful industrial computers, networking, and communication systems included in our engineered designs and develop control logic that creates autonomous control, protection logic, and reporting of these critical infrastructure facilities. 

Each hardware manufacturer has their own proprietary software that requires training and experience to properly develop an effective SCADA system. Our programming experience includes the following software: 

  • Siemens 
  • Allen Bradley
  • Schneider
  • Virtual Box

Statistic Source: American Society of Civil Engineers

Source: CISA

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