The Preconstruction Meeting is the project milestone that represents the transitional point between the design phase and the physical construction of the project. Preconstruction meetings are critical to ensuring that the entire project team has a complete understanding of the owner’s vision for a project, and are the best time to establish proper expectations, requirements, and communication protocols. 

Cleary Zimmermann Engineers prides itself on maintaining effective communication. Communication is vital in everyday life, and especially in everyday business. And despite our best intentions, what we communicate, the method we use to communicate, and how often we communicate all contribute to its effectiveness.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be deaf, blind, or have a limited range of movement?  What would the world look like?  How would it feel?  The range of thoughts that have gone through my mind since working on improvements to Texas School for the Deaf are overwhelming.  And for a p

Previously, CPS Energy's commercial energy efficiency rebates were built around specific technologies such as lighting or HVAC equipment. Now these rebates target market sectors. The intent is to expand rebate offerings to, and increase participation by, eligible utility customers. The new structure will also achieve better alignment with other rebate structures in the nation and establish a streamlined rebate process.

Remember the late 1990’s when owning a cell phone was considered a luxury not a necessity?

Wade and Danny talk with Construction News about two big reasons for the firm's success over the last decade.

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This May marked one full year since I graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I was fortunate and thankful to begin working in June directly following graduation.

This summer has been one fun celebration after another!

The Construction Administrator (CA) plays a critical role ensuring that the owner’s vision is met within the proposed timeline, budget, and project specifications.

June marks 10 years since we introduced our fresh alternative to MEP engineering in Texas!  Anniversaries are great occasions to pause and reflect.  We can’t say it has been a “wild ride,” but it has been exciting, fulfilling and stressful – sometimes all at the same time.  We’ve had several conv


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