January 31, 2024

Promotion Announcement: Congratulations Aaron Lovelock, PE!

New year, new roles! At Cleary Zimmermann, the beginning of the new year is a time to celebrate the promotions of our team. We had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron Lovelock, PE, Director of Electrical Engineering to learn more about his personal history and experience at CZ.

Aaron Lovelock, PE, joined Cleary Zimmermann Engineers in 2020 as an electrical engineer and later became a project manager. Growing up in Australia, Aaron graduated from Monash University in Melbourne with a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer systems engineering. Reflecting on his career journey, Aaron explains his “natural progression into becoming an MEP engineer.” In Australia, Aaron honed in on his experience in power system controls, establishing a strong foundation in electrical systems. Upon relocating to Texas with his wife in 2020, Aaron sought out opportunities at growing MEP firms in San Antonio. He emphasized that Cleary Zimmermann’s close-knit community really drew him to the firm. Aaron has always prioritized close collaboration with colleagues, considering it essential to his work.

In August of 2023, Aaron achieved a significant milestone, stepping into the role of Director of Electrical Engineering. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Aaron, diving deeper into his experience at Cleary Zimmermann Engineers.

Hi Aaron, first off, congratulations on your promotion! Could you share more about your background at Cleary Zimmermann?

“Before [my current role], I was an electrical engineer and project manager. I worked on the electrical design for many different types of projects and market sectors. As Project Manager, I was involved in organizing the internal resources for a project. [This included], ensuring the client interface is smooth, hitting deadlines, and coordinating project requirements with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designers in our offices.”

Aaron and his wife, Jana, at the CZ San Antonio’s Christmas Party in 2023.

Can you tell us about your new role and responsibilities?

“My new role is Director of Electrical Engineering. I will now be in charge of the electrical engineering team across all CZ offices as well as being the electrical team’s technical leader and resource.”

How has your previous role and experience at the firm contributed to your professional growth?

“Having the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects has really helped me become a resource for a lot of different team members. I gained this experience with different project types and market sectors, which has helped me be able to answer questions and guide clients and engineers in our office to complete their projects at a high level.”

Aaron and his Pumpkin Carving Team in CZ’s Pumpkin Carving contest in 2021.

Throughout your career at CZ, has there been a specific skill you have focused on improving? How will you use this skill in your new role?

“I’m really trying to excel technically, [specifically] being able to work on any project that is thrown my way. I want to be someone that a client can rely on technically for advice or direction on a project. Stepping into this role will help me further that skill that I have developed up until now.”

Have there been specific mentors who influenced your growth?

“I started my career as an electrical engineer in Australia. I had some really great senior engineers and business managers that helped me learn how to work with others and how to be a good team player, and an effective communicator.

Here at Cleary Zimmermann, Mike Williams, [former electrical engineer at CZ], had been the biggest influence on my technical growth throughout my years at the firm.”

Aaron and the CZ crew volunteering at the Texas Diaper Bank in 2021.

What advice would you give other people aspiring to advance their careers and secure a promotion?

“It’s really important to show up and do a good job. Take care in what you are doing. Looking back on how I’ve advanced at my career, this has been the factor that I’ve relied on the most – show up, do good work, and work hard.”

Aaron presenting about his home country on “Australia Day” in January 2022.

Looking forward, what do you hope to accomplish in your new role? What are your goals for the first year?

“I would like to build a strong electrical team. Particularly, a team that communicates very effectively, has the ability to shift resources, work toward goals really effectively, and one that can help develop younger engineers.

To go along with that, my first goal is to develop structures and processes to be able to do that.”

As we reflect on new year promotions, we can’t help but notice the ambition that radiates amongst all our CZers. From effective communication, resource allocation, and team-building, our crew continues to bring new talents and new abilities to the firm. We are eager to step foot into the new year, with ambitious plans for growth!