January 24, 2024

Joyce Watson, CPSM and Erin Hoy at SMPS SRC 2024

The start of the year marks new learning opportunities for AEC marketers around the country. For our marketing crew, we aren’t just learning – we’re also teaching! Joyce Watson, CPSM, Principal of Marketing and Erin Hoy, Social and Digital Media Coordinator, will be presenting at this year’s SMPS SRC on February 1st and 2nd.

PANEL: Mark My Words— How to craft your leadership journey from doer to manager

Joyce will partake in a dynamic panel titled, “Mark My Words – how to craft your leadership journey from doer to manager” starting on Thursday, 2/1 and be presenting again on Friday, 2/2. Joyce will be accompanied by Maggie Seay, CPSM, CEO of Emerald Fox Marketing, Erin Salinas, Senior Marketing Manager at Colliers Engineering & Design, and Corryn Williams, Principal of and Sr. Dir. of Senior Director of Strategic Growth at Method Architecture. The four panelists will discuss how to evolve into a valuable resource for your firm, recognize your unique talents, and how to take advantage of major moments in your career.

Hash(tag) You’re It: Uncap Your Creativity to Level Up Your Firm’s Social Media

Joyce and Erin will be presenting together on Thursday, 2/1, in the interactive workshop titled “Hash(tag) You’re It.” This session will be a discussion of the benefits, risks, and best practices of social media, followed by two unique exercises for the audience to create their very own social media campaign.

Erin and Joyce presenting their “Social Media Uses and Abuses” presentation for San Antonio SMPS, 2023

For more information about SMPS SRC and this year’s speakers visit SMPS Southern Regional Conference – Home (smps-src.org).