June 7, 2016

Baseball for the Blind: A Commissioning Agent’s Favorite Pastime

NEBB Certified Commissioning Agent Kevin Sibson brings a lot of skills to the A/E/C field—he’s a highly proficient commissioning agent, a tech junkie and an awesome team player. He has traveled a lot of places for commissioning projects, from Djibouti, Africa to Kyle Field in College Station, and many places in between. He also brings a unique owner/operator perspective to our team. Today though, while we appreciate Kevin for all that he does for CZ, we want to take a minute to focus on the skills he brings to another field: the baseball field.

Kevin Sibson, pictured bottom right, with the San Antonio Jets team (photo taken from San Antonio Jets Facebook Page).

In his free time, Kevin coaches a competitive baseball team with a unique take on the sport: instead of relying on watching the ball with their eyes, the players, who are visually impaired, rely on sounds to make plays. Kevin has been involved in “Beep Baseball” since 1986, pitching and coaching for the Austin Blackhawks, leading them to 9 championships in his time there. He first learned about the sport through his brother who is visually impaired and began playing in 1978. As part of his beep baseball journey, Kevin has also taught the sport in several places across the world, including Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, and dozens of U.S. cities.

Today, Kevin is a dedicated coach and founding member for the San Antonio Jets, currently leading the team through its inaugural season. He says, “Our goal is to contend for World Series of Beep Baseball in Ames, Iowa in late July. That’s an ambitious goal considering our sport is generally unkind to rookies… but, we do have a lot of speed and athleticism and a very competitive coaching staff.”

To learn more about the San Antonio Jets and the sport of Beep Baseball, check out their website, Facebook page and this recent story on Kens 5:

San Antonio Jets as featured on Kens 5 Eyewitness News.

When talking about his favorite part of coaching, Kevin says, “The two things I love: I love the challenge of teaching a visually impaired ballplayer the proper technique of hitting. I love the challenge of bringing players with different individual skills together to maximize their potential.”

Kevin–we are excited to watch you lead the Jets to victory, and so proud to have you on our team, as well. Go Jets!

By Cleary Zimmermann Engineers​